Class Indexer

  • public class Indexer
    extends java.lang.Object
    The indexer combines the chunking process with the corresponding database lookups for the resulting chunks. It implements the deduplication mechanism of Syncany.

    The class takes a list of files as input and uses the Deduper to break these files into individual chunks. By implementing the DeduperListener, it reacts on chunking events and creates a new database version (with the newly added/changed/removed files. This functionality is entirely implemented by the index() method.

    The class uses the currently loaded MemoryDatabase as well as a potential dirty database into account. Lookups for chunks and file histories are performed on both databases.

    • Constructor Summary

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      Indexer​(Config config, Deduper deduper)  
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      void index​(java.util.List<> files, java.util.List<> deletedFiles, java.util.Queue<DatabaseVersion> databaseVersionQueue)
      This method implements the index/deduplication functionality of Syncany.
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      • index

        public void index​(java.util.List<> files,
                          java.util.List<> deletedFiles,
                          java.util.Queue<DatabaseVersion> databaseVersionQueue)
        This method implements the index/deduplication functionality of Syncany. It uses a Deduper to break files down, compares them to the local database and creates a new DatabaseVersion as a result.

        Depending on what has changed, the new database version will contain new instances of PartialFileHistory, FileVersion, FileContent, ChunkEntry and MultiChunkEntry.

        files - List of files to be deduplicated
        deletedFiles - List of files that have been deleted
        databaseVersionQueue - Queue to which created databaseVersions are offered
        Throws: - If the chunking/deduplication cannot read/process any of the files