Class DeleteFileSystemAction

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        public FileSystemActionResult execute()
                                       throws java.lang.Exception
        Deletes a file locally and/or creates a conflicting file if the file does not match the expectations. There are two major cases:

        Normal case: The file version of the to-be-deleted file is known. If the file is as expected, it is deleted; if not and the file exists, a conflict file is created.

        Special case: The file version of the to-be-deleted file in unknown. In case to-be-deleted-file exists locally, we need to compare it to the local file (especially its checksum!). The FileVersionComparator does, however, perform a cancelling test in which FileVersions marked as 'DELETED' are not compared in detail (no checksum/attribute/etc. comparisons). To circumvent this behavior, we pretend the file has just changed and do the comparison. If the to-be-deleted file and file version are equal, the local file is deleted. Otherwise, a conflict file is created.

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        execute in class FileSystemAction
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