Class ActionRemoteFile

  • public class ActionRemoteFile
    extends RemoteFile
    Action remote files represent a running transfer operation on the remote storage. Transfer operations are operations that modify the repository and/or are relevant for the consistency of the local directory or the remote repository. Action files have no content, they are just markers and exist only while an operation is running.

    Name pattern: The name pattern of an action file is action-<operationname>-<machinename>-<timestamp>. Initializing an instance with a non-matching name will throw an exception.

    • Method Detail

      • validateName

        protected java.lang.String validateName​(java.lang.String name)
                                         throws StorageException
        Description copied from class: RemoteFile
        Parses the name of the file and validates it against the classes name pattern. While RemoteFile has no name pattern (and never throws an exception), sub-classes might by overriding this method.
        validateName in class RemoteFile
        name - The name of the file (as it is identified by Syncany)
        Returns a (potentially changed) name, after validating the name
        StorageException - If the name does not match the name pattern defined by the class.
        Note: RemoteFile does never throw this exceptions, however, subclasses might.