Class Logging

  • public class Logging
    extends java.lang.Object
    The logging class offers convenience functions to initialize and update the application's log options.

    In particular, it can load the log properties either from a resource or a local file on the file system ( If a local file is present, it is preferred over the JAR resource.

    To initialize logging, the init() method can be called in the static block of a class, e.g.

       static {
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      static void addGlobalHandler​(java.util.logging.Handler targetHandler)  
      static void disableLogging()  
      static void init()  
      static void setGlobalLogLevel​(java.util.logging.Level targetLogLevel)  
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      • init

        public static void init()
      • setGlobalLogLevel

        public static void setGlobalLogLevel​(java.util.logging.Level targetLogLevel)
      • addGlobalHandler

        public static void addGlobalHandler​(java.util.logging.Handler targetHandler)